Fingerprint Biometrics Ensures Each Citizen in Haiti Has a Unique Identity

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Due to the the massive earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010, the government decided to enhance the existing Civil Registry and Identity System with biometric technology. The project started in 2012 and was successfully completed in 2015 by our partner, Smartmatic.


For this particular project, the government of Haiti required a biometric identity management solution that can ensure the data is both secure and precise. It should also be applicable to other governmental and social services.

Our Solution

In this large scale modernization project, Innovatrics AFIS was deployed in order to migrate and deduplicate  the existing fingerprint database of 5.2 million enrollees and to secure that each newly enrolled citizen has a unique identity. Innovatrics IDKit SDK software was used in more than 700 enrollment stations and assisted by expanding the database to more than 8.5 million enrollees. 


Thanks to our technology, the new identity management system can guarantee the accuracy and security of the data, and in the long run, prevent identity theft and fraud in elections, census and border control.

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Innovatrics ABIS

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