Attaining ICAO Compliance for Biometric Passports

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Keeping up with the fast-changing times, the government conceptualized a plan to improve the quality and security of passport issuance. Ultimately, the goal was to operate an ICAO compliant system.


International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards were to be upheld for facial photo capture. If necessary, the system was expected to support verification of passports at the borders. 16 enrollment stations were needed to support it. To prevent the occurrence of fraud in passport issuance, fingerprints had to go through deduplication.

Our Solution

IFace SDK was delivered which captured high quality facial photos at enrollment stations that met ICAO standards. Similarly, our fingerprints SDKs were used in the enrollment stations, likewise capturing high quality images. In taking slap images, segmentation SDK was implemented which also sped up the process of fingerprint capture. Enrollment stations used IDKit SDK to provide 1:100 local identification. After the deployment of AFIS, the deduplication of new applications using fingerprints became possible.


Innovatrics AFIS is presently being used for passport issuance using deduplication. On the other hand, SDKs in enrollment stations help achieve ICAO compliance. The recently deployed system is more secure, user-friendly, and easier to operate.

Fingerprint and face security check

Innovatrics ABIS

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