Enhance the experience of your event by delivering your event participants their personal picture collection.  Turn the event photography to your brand building marketing tool. 

MyPicture is a cloud-based face recognition platform which identifies and selects all pictures where a person appears from a large database, quickly and accurately. Event participants can download and share pictures which they appear in via a simple online platform; saving them time spent scrolling through never-ending online albums.


Who is it for?

Event organisers, agencies, companies who want to enhance participants’ experience by delivering the right pictures to right people, immediately after an event.

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What are the main benefits?

Why to use MyPicture technology?

High performance

MyPicture can process thousands of pictures quickly and accurately using Innovatrics facial recognition technology.


Software recognizes the faces of participants with very high accuracy, which is not always the case with other software which identifies participants based on QR codes or participant numbers, especially at events where the distinguishing symbols are not always clearly visible.

Any questions?

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Drop us a line, we will contact you within 24 hours.

How it works?

  1. The event organiser promotes the MyPicture service to photographers and participants
  2. Event photographers upload their pictures to the MyPicture online platform
  3. MyPicture searches the entire picture database, then identifies and categorises the pictures into personal photo galleries
  4. The participant creates their MyPicture user profile and uploads their profile picture to their account. Based on the profile picture, the system creates the participant‘s personal web gallery out of all available event pictures. It is possible to filter the photos according to available parameters. The participant can also download the gallery in accordance to the pricing policy of the event organiser.