Seamless and Touch-Free Access Control in Agora Budapest

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Innovatrics face recognition in Agora Budapest
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  • Access cards, IDs, or key fobs
  • Manual administrative work to check credentials
  • Unreliable system of identification


  • Seamless and touchless access thanks to real-time facial identification
  • Digital self-enrollment with GDPR compliance
  • Highly secure face recognition system working accurately with face masks on

Challenge to Grant Touchless and Easy Access

HB Reavis wanted a secure and user-friendly system to give at least 6,000 authorized users seamless access to their desired destination within the Agora Budapest.

It should provide quick processing time at access points and high accuracy in identifying authorized users. Due to Covid-19, the new system has to support health and safety measures without being obtrusive. With advanced features, employees should enjoy a touch-free experience in the circa 70,000 sq m Agora Hub and Tower – moving around offices and buildings even without any access cards or fingerprint scanning.

  • Build a sophisticated facial biometrics-based access control system

    to ensure a conducive working environment and the best user experience

  • Grant touchless and easy access

    to legitimate users

  • Avoid waiting and crowding

    at the reception

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Solution of Facial Recognition-Based Access Control

Innovatrics SmartFace was deployed and synchronized with HB Reavis’ existing access system to work with 48 cameras to automatically open turnstiles and doors and call for elevators to a specific destination. The built-in Access Controller tracks the direction, speed and order of the users to prevent tailgating.

Through Innovatrics’ in-house facial recognition technology, the system can detect if users are wearing face masks or not, check if they are properly worn, and make sure the nose is fully covered. Innovatrics DOT further enables the quick remote enrollment of new users using the tablet-based app, which adheres to GDPR requirements. The face recognition access control system was specifically designed to offer users a contactless and seamless

  • Contactless movement

    throughout the Agora Budapest for authorized personnel including touchfree elevator rides

  • Easy and convenient

    observance of public health and safety rules through face mask detection

  • Remote user enrollment

    via tablet application with consent management procedures based on GDPR

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Results Achieved with Touch-Free Access Control

HB Reavis, in cooperation with Innovatrics, built an intuitive and innovative access control solution in Agora Budapest. Through advanced facial biometrics, it now has a robust system that supports its people-centric approach.

It’s easier to manage the user database, the actual situation transpiring, and user rights without the extra work. By identifying faces using the cameras at the reception area, the doors automatically open once they recognize an authorized user. The new system prevents tailgating, tracking people behind the person approaching a speedgate and only allowing access to legitimate users. Right after the turnstiles, there is a screen that shows the number of the elevator which takes users to
their designated floor. With accurate face detection even with masks on, HB Reavis can guarantee not only a seamless user experience, but also a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

  • The highest standards

    of convenience, privacy and security for the tenants

  • Touch-free and seamless entry

    to the building and offices, creating a healthier environment

  • Elimination of tailgating

    by tracking the direction and order of the users

The Power of
Efficient Facial Biometrics

Security as a Priority

Having one of the most accurate facial recognition algorithms in the world, secure access to premises is always granted to bona fide users.

Direct Integration with Integriti

Innovatrics DOT was fully integrated with HB Reavis’ existing access control system, Integriti developed by Inner Range, providing robust security and ease of use.

Intuitive Onboarding Experience

Through a friendly onboarding experience, employees and visitors enjoy a smooth user journey, allowing them to focus on intuitively learning about their new office space.

“We have really enjoyed our cooperation with Innovatrics. Their expertise in biometrics, together with their experiences from previous global projects, helped us to solve the most challenging requirements from the tenants and also open new cooperation on global markets.”
Product Manager
Jakub Kacer
HB Reavis
Touch-free access control

Case Study Seamless and Touch-Free Access Control

in Agora Budapest

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