Facial Recognition Technology: An Effective Tool Against Gambling Addiction

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Face recognition in gaming
Facial Recognition Technology: An Effective Tool Against Gambling Addiction


    South Australia introduced a gambling reform package, which mandates that any venues authorized to operate 30 or more gaming machines with at least one using a banknote acceptor are required to have approved facial recognition technology installed in their gaming rooms.


    Self-Exclusion Register based on facial recognition for gamblers who voluntarily choose to be enrolled to the national database

Create a Self-Exclusion Solution Based on Facial Recognition

A framework was established by the government, wherein a person can voluntarily opt to be enrolled in a Statewide Self-Exclusion Register anonymously, which contains their name and picture for identification purposes.

Based on the picture, the person should be readily identified and escorted out of the venue. Tekhne Logia was in need of a facial recognition system that could be synced with the central register and should provide immediate and reliable identification. Tekhne Logia is the system integrator, which has been granted official approval for its face recognition technology for the Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Gambling reform package. However, Art of Logic is the research and development company that wrote the integration representing Tekhne Logia.

  • Prevent gamblers from entering

    gaming venues through fast and accurate facial identification

  • Provide scalable operations

    with easily deployable facial recognition technology compatible with all existing camera/surveillance systems

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Solution of Self-Exclusion Register

The person who wants to be added to the self-exclusion list enrolls themselves on-site or from home. The SmartFace watchlist, containing the list of people who voluntarily choose to be self-excluded, is automatically updated with the changes in the central system.

This is enabled by seamless API integration, which allows the sharing of the collected biometric data and lets gaming venues to instantly identify individuals belonging to the said list. The data includes the picture of the enrollee, specific venues and length of time they want to be excluded. The facial recognition system, with real-time face detection capabilities running on site, notifies the staff upon the arrival of a person who belongs to the self-exclusion register. They are then asked to leave the venue by a gaming staff member.

  • Deploy a facial recognition solution

    which can be synced with the Statewide Self-Exclusion Register

  • Instantly enroll individuals

    who choose to be self-excluded to the Self-Exclusion Register

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Results Achieved with Facial Biometrics

Innovatrics SmartFace has been deployed in 10 venues so far, which has been seamlessly integrated with the Statewide Self-Exclusion Register. Through reliable and fast facial identification, the solution prevents people from continuing with their gambling habits.

Tekhne Logia, in partnership with Innovatrics, is one of only 5 solutions included in the officially approved facial recognition technology vendors list managed by CBS. With the open architecture of SmartFace, the new solution doesn’t require gaming  venues to install new camera systems. Moreover, it can easily be deployed and managed by gaming venues or security integrators themselves.

  • CBS authorized Innovatrics

    facial recognition solution to provide support to licensed gaming venues in Australia

  • Each venue is connected

    with the Statewide Self-Exclusion Register

  • Timely support

    for those with gambling problems by stopping them from entering gaming venues

Security as a Priority

Through Innovatrics SmartFace, Tekhne Logia now offers a robust facial recognition solution dedicated to stopping people from gambling in various venues in South Australia.

Easy Integration with the Statewide Self-Exclusion Register

Innovatrics SmartFace is fully integrated with the government’s central database, ensuring that people who are enrolled in the register are correctly and quickly identified.

Facial Recognition Technology as a Tool Against Gambling

With the development of the solution, it only goes to show how facial recognition technology can be used as a platform for social change. Innovatrics and Tekhne Logia are at the forefront of technological practices that can curb people’s gambling addiction.

“"We chose Innovatrics SmartFace Platform due to its integration to Nx Witness VMs and simplicity of integration."”
Chief Technology Officer
Daz Ruger
Art of Logic
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CASE STUDY Facial Recognition: An Effective Tool Against Gambling Addiction

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