Innovatrics ABISTrusted Enrollment

Self or Assisted Registration Using an ID and Portrait Photo

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Deeply integrated with Innovatrics ABIS, the module enables self or assisted enrollment using a smartphone app, web application, or dedicated mobile station.

High Quality Data Collection

Innovatrics Trusted Enrollment Module makes it possible for applicants or operators to capture a portrait and identification document using their smartphones or tablets.

Document Capture with OCR

Our AI-powered OCR automatically captures and normalizes the photo of the ID in real-time. Once a picture of the ID is taken, our OCR detects the document details, extracts the data from the ID, and reads the MRZ zone.

Trust Factors for Risk Assessment

During the enrollment process, the module collects all the biometric information, OCR data and metadata available for further analysis. The module calculates, stores and displays Trust Factors. Based on the resulting values, enrollment can be accepted, rejected, or subject to manual review.

Examples of Trust Factors:

Liveness Checks White Paper

Central Register

Enrollment data are stored in biometric register, available for review and biometric search when identifying fraudsters.

  • Biometric Deduplication
  • Persistent Onboarding Data
  • High Performance & Throughput
  • Ongoing Authentication of Existing Clients
  • Supports third party integration for further data screening and compliance.

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Supported Platforms and Devices:

  • Web Browser
  • Andorid
  • iOS
  • Cloud Server