180 Million-Record, Quick-Response ABIS for Police Field Operations

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In order to further improve their system, the police wanted to utilize a large biometric database to identify criminals and suspects. To achieve this, they wanted to implement additional modalities following the excellent results yielded by our fingerprint solution.


One major challenge was the enrollment of a massive amount of data (180 million records) from multiple legacy databases into the new ABIS system that supports fingerprints, faces and irises. The system needed to provide latent fingerprint and open source database support and interoperability. Software for enrollment and identification stations including mobile kits that can be used without external power or internet connection was similarly required. Moreover, support for wild images from security cameras was utilized.

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Our Solution

Innovatrics ABIS was deployed to support identification, verification, and ANSI/ISO verification. More than 180 million of 10 print records together with additional data have been migrated. While Latent editor was provided to extend latent fingerprints for higher accuracy, the Latent case module supported identification in the latent fingerprint database. Consequently, identification was supported in all latent and standard fingerprints combinations. SDKs made it possible to support enrollment stations and mobile kits including smartphone and tablet applications. Furthermore, all modalities were supported for 1:1 verification with additional 1:N support for fingerprints, face and iris.


The police have successfully implemented the new ABIS system to identify potential suspects. In fact, several cases were resolved using the solution. Even victims of natural disasters could be identified using the system. Additional modalities (face and iris) allow recognition of suspects and victims for cases where fingerprints were not available.

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Innovatrics ABIS

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