Comprehensive ABIS for National ID Issuance Prevents Identity Fraud

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Due to the questionable quality of fingerprint data of 5 million people, the government felt a need to improve the security of national identification card issuance. The objective was to make the process more convenient and faster for its citizens.


The existing database of 5 million had to be thoroughly checked to ensure that there was no deduplication. More than 500 enrollment stations were to be established, crucial in supporting 10 million records all together. The new system was tasked to secure the originality of each enrollment to prevent fraud. It should also create VIP queues for the speedy issuance of priority ID documents. The system should also support identity management and conflict resolution, extendable for deduplication of different cards in the future.

enrollment stations
database records cleansed and deduplicated

Our Solution

Innovatrics deployed a customized ABIS solution armed with several modules: Adjudicator, Custom Records, Workflows. These allowed comprehensive identity management and conflict resolution. ABIS made it possible to enroll new users and perform much needed deduplication. Priority queues were similarly created for VIP document issuance. Powered by our fingerprint SDKs, 500 enrollment stations were established to guarantee quality enrollment. The ABIS currently supports at least 10 million ten fingerprint records


All the above-mentioned challenges were met. With the implementation of Innovatrics ABIS, the pre-existing 5 million records were cleansed and deduplicated. This West African country has a highly-secure system used for national ID issuance, providing better services to its citizens.

Fingerprint and face security check

Innovatrics ABIS

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