Deploying Biometrics to Safeguard Driver’s License Issuance

Brazil (Goias) | Government


The issuance of driver’s licenses in each of Brazil’s states utilizes biometric systems for security. Applicants are biometrically enrolled using fingerprints and photographs. Afterwards, the data is sent to the backend ABIS for duplicity check.


A solution is required that guarantees every single driver’s license issued belongs to only one individual.


Innovatrics delivered ABIS as a central backend solution for the states of Brasilia and Goias. Applicants are preregistered with their fingerprints (1:N deduplication) and face. IDKit SDK and IFace SDK were used for registration points to ensure input data quality enrollment and local duplicity check.


Tens of thousands of unique new driver’s licenses are issued monthly in the aforementioned states. Each is biometrically processed to guarantee that not a single one is duplicated.

Fingerprint and face security check

Innovatrics ABIS

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