Customized Identity Management Solution for ID Issuance and Fraud Prevention

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Having won a tender for the issuance of identity cards, our client was looking for the best available solutions to prevent fraud. One major requirement was the use of fingerprint biometrics to verify users at the counters.


Since one of the biggest challenges was the prevention of fraud, the deduplication of new enrollees was of utmost importance. A solution was needed that could potentially support a database of an estimated 10 million users over several years. ANSI/ISO compatibility had to be ensured so that the system could be interoperable even with other cards and systems. Keeping quality data enrollment in mind, the end customer wanted to use more than 200 stations with enrollment and verification. From which, 6000 new enrollments each day was expected. Identity management was to be a part of the biometric system.

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Our Solution

With specialized modules that came with the implemented AFIS, the end user enjoyed comprehensive identity management and conflict resolution. It allowed identification and verification of existing customers while also enrolling new users and performing deduplication. Utilizing our fingerprint SDKs, more than 200 enrollment stations were built to ensure quality enrollment and local verification. Both AFIS and SDKs enable support for ANSI/ISO compatible fingerprint template.


The system is fully functional, seamlessly enrolling new customers. It also verifies their identity safely and effectively. To date, the solution has already been used to issue more than 3 000 000 cards, and is still in operation.

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