Mark Your Calendar for Innovatrics‘ Upcoming Events in 2020


Innovatrics will be taking part in the most prestigious international events in biometric security and identity management systems

Gearing to mark this new decade as the time you took your organization’s digital onboarding, face recognition platform, and identity management system to the next level? It doesn’t matter if you’re in government, law enforcement, or enterprise, our industry-leading biometric solutions got you covered. No need to travel far, meet us in one of these exhibitions in a city near you:


Homeland Security Indonesia 2020
March 4-6, Jakarta



March 11-12, Washington, D.C., USA


International Security Conference & Exposition
July 2020, Las Vegas, USA


Identity Week
June 9-11, London, UK


CIAB Febraban
June 23-25, Sao Paolo, Brasil


October 28 – 30, Marrakesh, Morroc0


Feel free to discuss with the Innovatrics team your options on how to implement the most advanced multimodal biometric technologies that can flawlessly be tailored to your needs. Our solutions can address your access and facility control, public and private security, enrollment and onboarding, and identity management requirements among others. And if you’re curious how it all works, you’ll even get a chance to experience ABIS, DOT, and SmartFace through live demos.

With our extensive experience and continuous innovations, these prestigious events set up the perfect venue for our biometric experts to share their industry know-how. You’re bound to learn a thing or two from their expertise that could be instrumental in having a trustworthy identity management system.

Arrange a meeting with our experts to learn more. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to get the latest updates.

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