Latest NIST FRVT Results: Innovatrics Face Recognition Algorithm Among Global Top 10


According to the latest NIST FRVT benchmarks, Innovatrics has once again proved its indisputable place among the biometric elite, securing a spot on the leaderboard among 150 competitors and 200 algorithms worldwide.

Its algorithm for face identification in large datasets is not only the fastest in the world, but also among the ten most accurate. It only takes 13 ms for the algorithm to find the correct face in a dataset of 12 million enrollees.

“The identification algorithm is an integral part of our ABIS and SmartFace solutions. Speed and accuracy make a significant difference when searching large databases for precise matches, such as checking for duplicate drivers’ licenses,” explains Matus Kapusta, Innovatrics Head of Government Solutions, “As you scale up the database to enroll more individuals into the biometric identity management system, the more efficient the Innovatrics face recognition algorithm performs compared to the competition.”

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