BIOMETRICSFingerprint Technology

Innovatrics Algorithm Processes 1.04 Billion Fingerprint Matches Per Second

Innovatrics fingerprint recognition algorithm consists of two main parts: Extractor and Matcher.

Feature Extractor

Extractor takes as input raw fingerprint image and encodes it in specific fingerprint template. It supports not only images from various fingerprint sensors (optical, capacitive, thermal,..) at different resolutions (250 DPI, 500 DPI,…) but the extractor is also optimized for inked and rolled images used in criminal applications.

The feature extractor was designed to work well with low quality and partial fingerprint images. The quality of fingerprint images can be degraded due to noisy sensor, finger humidity, low/high pressure during acquisition. The algorithm is able to considerably enhance the overall image quality and to fix possible defects in a way that these will not alter recognition process. These advanced image enhancement techniques have direct impact on overall system’s accuracy.


Matcher’s purpose is to compare two fingerprint templates – matcher doesn’t work with fingerprint images but only with resulting templates. Matcher produces similarity score which says whether two fingerprint templates represent the same finger or not.

Identification – 1:N search

Verification process – 1:1 comparison

Innovatrics matching algorithm can equally perform a high-speed identification search. Identification can be seen as a generalization of verification, the goal of an identification process is to find a person in a database containing multiple identities (1:N search). The database size can be variable – from a few hundreds to tens of millions templates can be stored in the database depending on the application.

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