OEM Solutions Small Area Matcher

Proprietary Fingerprint Algorithm for Restricted Hardware Environments

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Leading fingerprint algorithms portable to any hardware. Innovatrics Small Area Matcher consists of fine-tuned algorithms for small low-resolution fingerprint readers on restricted hardware with low storage capacity. It provides registration for fingerprint verification and identification applications.

New Generation of Smart Cards with No Built-in Battery

Our Small Area Matcher (SAM) is an ideal solution for smart cards with integrated fingerprint readers and for custom embedded platforms. In a smart card, it can run even without a built-in battery and draw necessary power just from the contact reader.

New generation smart cards

Works with Very Low Footprint

Our algorithm is designed to minimize hardware requirements with a maximum footprint of 128kB.

efficient with very low footprint

Simple API Design for Quick Implementation

Our Small Area Matcher is easy to use thanks to the user-friendly API, which reduces the time to integrate the SDK into the final product. 

simple api quick implementation

Customized Algorithm for Each Sensor Type

The performance and accuracy of SAM are tailored for specific fingerprint scanners and use cases in order to achieve the utmost efficiency. With each customization, we provide an accuracy report to make sure the result meets the expectations.

customized algorithm

Enhance Speed, Accuracy and Template Size

The speed and accuracy of SAM algorithm, as well as the template size, can be optimized in order to achieve the required performance for a given use case on a target platform. Our algorithm is able to compare a user’s fingerprint to a template stored in a card in record time on the stock 100 MHz ARM M4 MCU.

speed-accuracy and template size

Use Case

With MoriX Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in fingerprint sensor technology, we launched the world’s first working model of a smart card with fingerprint authentication on a card. The proprietary fingerprint algorithm takes less than one second to complete incredibly accurate authentication.

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Tech Box

Example of performance on low-end hardware  ARM M3 Cortex, 256kB RAM:

  • Verification: under 1 second
  • Identification 1:100: 2 seconds
  • Template size: 1.2 kB in RAM, 2.5 kB on flash memory