Event Innovatrics at ID4Africa 2023

23 - 25 May 2023

Visit our booth H2-39

What to expect?

The ID4Africa Annual Meeting is the most important gathering of the identity industry accessible to all African nations in order to actively engage and discuss identity matters and to lay out the ID development agenda
for the upcoming year.

Innovatrics is a proud sponsor of the Annual Meeting in 2023, as we have been over the years. We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth H2-39 and share how Innovatrics biometric technology has been an important part of identity solutions in Africa for more than a decade.

Biometric Voter Registration

We will showcase a powerful Voter Registration System featuring Android-based customizable registration software for efficient on-the-field voters enrollment and accurate biometric deduplication and automated detection of children or minors based on AI-powered age estimation. Our solution is designed to assign polling stations based on electoral division to millions of voters and to efficiently print voter cards and voter lists.

  • Enrollment station for Windows or Android
  • Voter data centralization
  • Fast and accurate biometric deduplication
  • Automated identification of children and minors based on AI-powered age estimation
  • Identity management interface for operators to remove duplicates, minors or deceased
  • Voter lists and card generation based on electoral division
ABIS Smart Recognition Use Case

Digitalization of Police Investigation

Innovatrics ABIS, which is accessible from any computer, makes it possible to quickly identify criminals by their fingerprints, swift digitization of legacy paper records, and enrollment of new records into the suspect database. In effect, Innovatrics ABIS simplifies the collection of biometric samples and organization of criminal investigation into cases, speeding up the process and helping to solve crimes.

  • Finger and face identification (NIST-ranked) algorithms
  • Complete solution for enrollment (rolled prints, palmprints, mugshots, cards)
  • Case management with latent editor
  • Integrated solution of multiple ABISes into a single service
  • Mobile enrollment and identification
  • Non-biometric search based on SMT characteristics
Innovatrics ABIS fingerprint adjudicator

Comprehensive Biometric Ecosystem

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