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Remote IDV Opens Access to Thai eGovernment Services

Thailand | Control Data (Thailand) Limited

In 2019, the Ministry of Interior of Thailand deployed Innovatrics ABIS for national ID issuance.

In 2022, the government decided to build a secure and unsupervised identity verification platform using a mobile application to provide more efficient public and private services. As an alternative to the physical ID card, the resulting digital identity token will enable citizens to access the remote services of any government or private organization.

The new solution presented a few challenges: passive liveness detection and OCR of the Thai NID card. Another challenge was how to increase the face verification throughput on the ABIS side to meet the demand for digital IDs.

As a result, the system called ThaID already has millions of users and thousands of state services accessible remotely. 

Results achieved thanks to remote IDV:

  • 21,000 identity verifications a day
  • Seamless access to secure eGovernment and private services
  • Elimination of fake ID cards
  • Throughput of 1,800 transactions per minute

Remote IDV Opens Access to Thai eGovernment Services