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4 Factors Banks Should Consider When Adopting Biometrics

The majority of companies offering digital onboarding solutions do not develop their own proprietary biometric core technology. Instead, they integrate SDKs and APIs from established biometric technology developers. It is therefore crucial to know the provenance of the algorithms and their properties to be able to fully assess potential risks, technical and other hazards they may bring.

In our white paper, we outline 4 main factors financial institutions should consider when adopting biometrics – core algorithm properties and biases, liveness performance, and OCR performance. You’ll find them explained together with practicalities and a biometric vendor checklist to help you decide.

Key takeaways:

  • What you should consider when selecting a biometric vendor.
  • Which features are vital to ensure a solution delivers optimum security and a great user experience.
  • Practical biometric vendor checklist.
white paper 4 factors banks should consider when adopting biometrics