Testing Centers Authentication, USA


Being one of the largest testing centers in the US, Prometric has a worldwide coverage of hundreds of testing centers. Their operations include performing certifications and tests for various industries and environments.


Every test applicant needs to be correctly authenticated to make sure it’s really him/her taking the test. Unfortunately, attempts to commit fraud occur on a regular basis.


Innovatrics delivered Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) as a central backend solution to all the testing centers. Every applicant is preregistered with his fingerprints (1:N deduplication) and biometrically authenticated (1:1) against ABIS upon arrival or when needed. Since ABIS needs to support thousands of simultaneous requests, the system has to be very robust, efficient, and stable. At the moment, the ABIS database is set to host 3 Million records.


Prometric’s credibility has been boosted since the implementation of biometric authentication. The various improvements incorporated into their setup have gained the trust of their clients. We are currently in the process of implementing facial authentication.


  • Prometric
3 000 000
Database records

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