Innovatrics Updates SmartFace to a Faster, More Accurate and User-friendly Platform


With the ability to recognize and track faces, Smartface 3.0 can be used not only in security, but also in retail consumer analysis or attendance systems.

SmartFace, the facial recognition and tracking system from Innovatrics, has been updated to version 3.0. The main improvements are in the core of the product: the new comparison algorithms are faster, more accurate, and more optimized than before. “The world of face recognition is changing rapidly, and we are constantly adapting our technology in order to stay at the top,” says Ján Rosa, product manager for SmartFace.

With the new version, the system is now even easier to install and use. The new automatic installer deploys all the necessary components of the system, making it more approachable without technical assistance. It even allows unattended installation.

Its video processing capabilities have also been enhanced.  Face recognition and tracking work in suboptimal lighting conditions and even with faces under different angles. This makes the whole experience simpler and easier to follow. The watchlists and API also got reworked with the aim of streamlining both features.

SmartFace is the solution to analyze video streams for various end uses from security to consumer behavior. It is highly configurable and able to work with various video management systems or as a standalone product with its own GUI. Apart from recognizing and tracking faces and comparing them with user-created watchlists, it is also able to estimate age and gender, making the system useful for non-identification purposes, e.g. in retail store visitors demographic analysis.

What has changed

  • Easier installation package
  • Face-recognition algorithms have been further optimized for speed and accuracy
  • Simplified watchlist management
  • Improved API

For more information, please visit the product page.

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