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Innovatrics Voter Registration Module supports transparent and fair elections using accurate biometric deduplication and AI-powered removal of minors. The solution is designed to generate millions of voter IDs and voter lists efficiently.

Registration Application

During enrollment, the personal identification documents, biometric data and biographic data of citizens are collected by trained officials. The enrollment stations are set up to be durable, secure and immune to ID fraud. The data is encrypted to provide maximum security. Citizens are also given confirmation of a successful enrollment.

Registration Application with Biometrics

Identification of Minors

A specialized AI-powered neural network detects the age of the enrollees based on their faces. If they are obviously underage, it sorts them out for rechecking or automatic removal from the voter register.

Removal of Minors for Voter Registration

Voter Register Management

Scalable architecture allows hundreds of operators to work with the database at the same time. Our Voter Registration Module relies on unique biometric and textual deduplication, capable of cleaning the voter register of millions of enrollees in just a few days.

  • Remove Duplicates
  • Remove the Deceased
  • Request for Personal Data Corrections
  • Remove Minors

Voter Registration User Friendly Interface

Voter Lists for Elections

Voter register is split into voting centers and polling stations. Voter lists are distributed throughout the country for citizen control in their respective districts. Once all the disputes are correctly settled, final voter lists are printed and delivered to voting centers.

Voter List for election

Unique ID for Citizens

Elections use voter IDs in conjunction with biometric authentication to make sure that every citizen gets exactly one vote. No one is denied their democratic rights. No one can vote multiple times. Voter IDs are often considered as reliable as national IDs.

Voter Registrarion Unique ID for Citizens