Innovatrics ABIS Identity Management

Fully Configurable Workflows for Identity Management

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With our identity management module, you can tailor your ABIS business workflow to keep records belonging to the same person together. There’s no need for integrators to develop custom workflows.

Ready-to-Use Business Workflows

A set of predefined commonly used rules and operations allows quick deployment and extensive configuration capabilities.

Ready to use workflows

Exception Processing

The analysis of exceptions and manual conflict resolution is based on pre-configured rules (i.e., duplicate enrollments, non-matching updates, quality check, textual duplicates).

Queue Management

This feature allows enforcement of business rules and is responsible for the assignment of specific tasks directly to defined operators (e.g., Senior Adjudicator, Supervisor). Moreover, load balancing enables hundreds of operators to work at the same time.

Identity Management

Split Screen and Adjudicator

These visual tools are designed for easy face-to-face comparison of duplicates or non-matching renewals. Our Adjudicator tool is used for the forensic analysis of minutiae points of fingerprint pairs.

Audit Log and Action Tracking

Tracks actions are performed by a human operator (manual actions) or the system (automatic actions), displaying a situation before and after the action was executed.

Identity Management

Customizable Record Structure

Basically an applicant record, it consists of configurable demographic data fields, fingerprint positions, other biometric modalities, documents, and external identifiers.

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Tech Box

Customizable engine 

Open architecture:

All functionalities are available through API