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Upgrading the Existing Biometric Passport System

The Ghana government was operating an antiquated system for managing the population traffic across its borders. As a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Ghana needed to implement a biometric passport system in order to ensure its citizens are allowed entry into other ICAO-member countries.

The process of maintaining border security is complicated. It involves not only systems to check identity documents, but it also involves manual processes such as question-and-answer and passport analysis. However, the issues surrounding immigration
checks aren’t just about the processes for checking, it’s also about the personal experience of the individual. In many cases, existing processes, when inadequately manned, can create long delays and frustration.

  • High Speed

    The solution needs to be accurate and fast for identifying citizens of ICAO member countries

  • Interoperability

    The solution needs to be compatible with other government systems of other ICAO-member countries

  • High User Satisfaction

    The solution has to provide a smooth user journey by efficiently processing biometric documentation

Fast and ICAO-Compliant Biometric Passport System

As a turnkey solution, Innovatrics provided the hardware, software, and the expertise derived from years of experience for an efficient biometric passport system. Beginning with the design, Innovatrics and partner Buck Press Limited worked with the Ghana government to understand the ICAO requirements and how their solution would need to interoperate with other ICAO-member systems via the Biometric Centre.

Once the design was finalized, Innovatrics and Buck Press Limited implemented a stand-alone solution that could be deployed at any border station. Finally, Innovatrics and their partner ensured that the government was well-versed and trained on how to utilize the system, enabling them to deploy personnel with the requisite knowledge to operate and troubleshoot on-site. Innovatrics employed their industry-leading ExpressID AFIS, ANSI & ISO PC SDK and Futronic biometric scanners.

  • Speed

    The biometric passport system employs industry-leading and proven technologies to enable the rapid and accurate recognition of biometric identity documents

  • Compliance

    The system ensures that Ghana complied with ICAO-requirements

  • Customer Satisfaction

    The system significantly reduces the wait time associated with population identification, utilizing a modular architecture

Maintaining ICAO Membership and Efficient Immigration Management

The results of Ghana’s new biometric passport system are two fold. First, it allows them to remain members of ICAO, providing biometric immigration control systems to other ICAO-member country citizens. Second, it enables a much more efficient and secure immigration management system, eliminating the middlemen in the application / acquisition of passports and the avoidance of situations where individuals could manipulate the system and acquire multiple passports.

  • ICAO-Compliance

    with the new biometric passport system, Ghana could thus remain an ICAO member

  • Efficient Immigration Management

    through automated biometric identification system (ABIS) can prevent identity fraud

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