Equal Error Rate (EER)

Equal Error Rate (EER) definition

A statistic used to show biometric performance, typically when operating in the verification task. The EER is the location on a ROC or DET curve where the false acceptance rate and false rejection rate are equal. In general, the lower the equal error rate value, the higher the accuracy of the biometric system.

What is Equal Error Rate (EER)?

Equal Error Rate (EER) is a metric used in biometric security systems to measure the effectiveness of the system in identifying individuals correctly. EER is the point at which the false acceptance rate (FAR) and false rejection rate (FRR) are equal. In other words, it is the threshold at which the system is equally likely to wrongly accept a non-matching individual as it is to wrongly reject a matching individual. EER is an important metric in biometric security systems as it provides a balance between security and convenience.

Why is Equal Error Rate (EER) important?

EER is important in biometric systems for several reasons. First, a high EER ensures that the system is able to accurately identify and verify individuals, which is critical for security and access control applications. A low EER can lead to false rejections or acceptances, which can compromise the integrity of the system.
Second, the EER can provide insight into the usability and user experience of the biometric system. A high EER indicates that the system is user-friendly and easy to use, which can encourage users to adopt and continue using the system. A low EER, on the other hand, may indicate that the system is difficult to use, leading to frustration and potential abandonment.
Finally, the EER can also be used as a benchmark for comparing different biometric systems. By comparing the EERs of different systems, organizations can determine which system is best suited for their specific needs and requirements.
In summary, the EER is an important metric in biometric systems that measures the accuracy, usability, and effectiveness of the system. A high EER is essential for security and access control applications, while also providing insight into the user experience and facilitating system comparisons.

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