SMARTFACE Cloud Matcher

Lightweight Face Matching Service

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Innovatrics Cloud Matcher is a cloud service which enables you to quickly identify an individual among millions of images.

Simplified Face Matching

Cloud Matcher is a lightweight version of our SmartFace Platform, saving you both hardware and maintenance costs. It’s all you need to match faces from a photo database. It’s an ideal option when you don’t need real-time video processing, or you have distributed on-device detection and need simple centralized identification.

Simplified Face Matching Technology

Easy-to-Use API

Cloud Matcher receives detected faces from cameras and matches them to faces in watchlists in the cloud. Once the identification is positive, it returns a result of the identification that can be used for authentication or authorization in many use cases. The registration of people into watchlists and requests for identification are done through the standard REST API.

Configure matching thresholds to optimize results:

  • If the threshold is too high, Cloud matcher won’t match a detected person against its watchlist member.
  • If the threshold is too low, SmartFace can match two different persons.
Smartface Cloud Matcher Easy to use API

Use Cases:

Tech Box:

SmartFace Cloud Matcher API is a subset of the full SmartFace API responsible for watchlist management and searches in watchlists

Integration with REST API is simple thanks to retryable upsert Register call

Supports a wide range of image formats

Position of eyes, bounding box, age, and gender are provided for each detected face

Runs on the cloud or Linux

No hardware and maintenance required

Low latency

Easy to implement and scale