SMARTFACE Access Station

Web App For Your Security Personnel

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SmartFace Access Station is a web application dedicated to receptionists or security personnel, which controls access points and entrances into buildings, facilities, and the like. This easy-to-use interface provides all the information about detected, identified, or unidentified people who want to access your premises.

Easily Manage Watchlists

With our app, users can manage watchlists and have a quick overview of the current situation at each access point. 

You can use our Access Station app to:

  • Monitor your access points
  • Instantly see who is in front of the access barrier
  • Alert your security personnel about an unidentified or restricted person in front of access points
  • Add or remove visitors
  • Manage watchlists and blocklists
Smartface Easy Manage Watchlists

Get Instant On-Screen Notifications

Get instant notifications and alerts on events of interest.

Get Notifications:

  • From predefined watchlists when a person is detected
  • From a blocklist when a restricted person is detected
  • About unidentified persons that are not on any of the watchlists
SmartFace Facial Recognition Server Platform

Tech Box:

GRPC notifications

NodeJS web server

KeyCloak user management