SmartFace Access Registration App

Granting Entry Permissions Remotely

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To provide easy registration to the SmartFace-driven access system, our smart mobile app lets visitors and new users enroll remotely. It makes the process fast and user-friendly.

Enroll a New User in Less than One Minute

Our Access Registration app is designed to make the process fast and smooth. Just take a picture of the new user and their ID, and the user is good to go.

  • Can be used either by receptionists or visitors themselves
Smartface Enroll New User Easily

Preconfigure Watchlists & Grant Permissions Remotely

With our easy-to-use interface, visitors can easily request to be added to a preconfigured watchlist, making it easier to grant permissions.

  • Grant permissions remotely
  • Enable for one-time or temporary access

Smartface Permission remotely

Tech Box

Available on Android

Communicates with SmartFace through REST API

Utilizes Innovatrics  Digital Onboarding Toolkit

On-device face auto-capture

ApplicationId/BundleId licensing