SMARTFACE Access Controller

Ensuring the Seamless Opening of Access Points

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SmartFace Access Controller uses a customizable strategy to open access barriers while ensuring only an authorized person is allowed to pass through.

Seamless Passage through Access Points

Access rules are defined by customizable filters forming the access strategy and the logic which is configured based on your specific use case. They ensure that only an authorized person closest to the access point will be allowed access at the right time.

  • Listens to SmartFace notifications about identified and unidentified persons detected on the video stream which are filtered out by the access strategy. 
  • Sends out three types of notifications which either grant, deny, or block the opening of access points based on the outcome of the filtering strategy.
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Smartface Seamless Passage through Access Points

Extensive API Interface with Industry Standard Protocols

Our extensive API interfaces with industry standard protocols, which can be connected to other systems such as those designed for controlling elevators.

  • Support for industry protocols such as Wiegand.
Extensive API Interface with Industry Standart Protocols

Tech Box

Access Controller can be easily integrated with connectors that can directly communicate with access points, hardware controllers, or relays using WIEGAND, RS-232, RS-485 standards, or control them directly by using dry contacts.

  • NoMatch notifications from SmartFace Platform
  • Filters notifications based on adequate access strategy
  • GRPC notifications signaling granted, denied and blocked access