1st place at Fingerprint Verification Competition FVC2004

Innnovatrics obtained 1st place on Digital Persona optical fingerprint scanners at University of Bologna, Italy.

Our matching algorithm uses internally developed search technique called ElasticMatch™ that ensures high accuracy and one of the industry lowest error rates.

This technological leadership was demonstrated at a worldwide fingerprint algorithm competition – FVC2004. At this competition, our original algorithm won one bronze and two gold medals in the Open Category. Our original approach to fingerprint recognition leaded to accuracy results that clearly distinguished us from other competitors.

Graph below shows the ROC curve (False Reject Rate vs. False Acceptance Rate) for various algorithms. The algorithm is more accurate if it’s performance curve is below other curves.

Fingerprint Verification Vendor
* source: http://bias.csr.unibo.it
Complete test results and testing procedure can be found at:

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