Secure Access Control with Seamless User Experience

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Secure Access Control with Seamless User Experience


  • 1-2 days of unnecessary administrative work to register and grant access to a new user
  • Physically requiring staff to grant visitor access
  • Unreliable system of identification
  • Limited operations due to staff/time constraints


  • 30 second digital self-enrollment
  • Distribution of digital key via email, without physical interactions
  • Highly secure face recognition system
  • Non-stop operations with automated facility management capabilities

Challenge to Achieve Seamless User Experience

Someone always needs to be physically present when registering and granting access to visitors and/or employees, which can be laborious, inefficient and costly. Tags, badges, or access cards can easily be lost, misplaced, or even stolen. The spread of the pandemic has only intensified the need for a more secure and safer system

To solve these issues, Precise Biometrics wanted to leverage facial recognition technology in developing the next generation of seamless access control systems.

  • Improve user experience

    by removing bottlenecks and making onsite visits a breeze

  • Upgrade access control systems

    to offer better security while keeping market costs down

  • Establish a healthy environment

    thanks to a digital, seamless and completely contactless user journey

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Solution for Seamless Access Control

Innovatrics SmartFace was integrated into the Precise system to build a complete multi-tenant cloud access control and time & attendance solution called YOUNiQ – Access.

A registration link is emailed to a new user, where the steps can be completed remotely. A biometric template is generated and stored in the database. SmartFace identifies faces via a video stream and matches it against the recorded data. To enhance security, our liveness detection makes it impossible to spoof the system, combatting various presentation attacks. Given its accuracy, the face becomes an incredibly secure form of digital user ID.

  • Fast deployment

    and integration support throughout the duration of the project

  • Quick and convenient access

    permission verification via face matching, alert notifications and other consents in the software

  • Remote enrollment of visitors

    and/or employees online or through the mobile app using facial biometrics

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Results Achieved with Facial Biometrics

Precise YOUNiQ now offers a multisite centralized administration system that can issue visitors temporary face passage keys, granting access to selected doors in various facilities.

No physical contact is required, ensuring smooth operations of establishments even during lockdowns. Implementing a digital user ID eliminates bottlenecks at the entrance by allowing seamless access to premises even before arrival. For gyms or workout studios, providing secure access to members even without the presence of staff is possible even outside operating hours. It gives clients the freedom to exercise whenever they wany – something that can easily be replicated in other verticals.

  • Scalable, fast and accurate

    access control system for facility management, gyms, etc.

  • Highest levels of convenience, privacy and security

    guaranteed by biometric technology

  • Improved security

    suitable for high throughput or high security premises

The power of
efficient biometric algorithm

Security as a Priority

The safeguards in place on our facial recognition technology grant secure and convenient access to premises.

Extra Customization

SmartFace was highly optimized to run on LINUX and various embedded platforms, enabling a real seamless access approach.

On-Premise System and Cloud-Based User Management

Deployed as an on-premise solution to fulfill critical requirements for seamless access control approach with low latency detection, extraction and matching, SmartFace has also been integrated with various local access control and cloud-based user management systems.

Self-Enrollment Via Smartphones

Innovatrics technology enables the remote enrollment of users using mobile phones, removing the need for physical interactions especially useful in these pandemic times.

“"Innovatrics is truly a front runner in face recognition modality and their proprietary technology is one of the cornerstones in Precise YOUNiQ – Access. With our mutual core values that extend beyond the mere technical, we can deliver solutions that positively impact people’s lives from entering premises to making businesses more efficient. YOU are the key. “
Stefan K. Persson
Precise Biometrics, CEO
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CASE STUDY Secure Access Control with Seamless User Experience

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