Using Biometrics to Clean Voter Register for Credible Elections

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In June 2007, Secretariado Técnico da Administração Eleitoral (STAE), a division within the Mozambique National Electoral Commission, realized the need for a single electronic voter register to be used in national elections. Designed to prevent voter fraud, the new solution should help STAE guarantee the integrity of electoral results.

With Mozambique’s segmented population, the selected voter registration system faced unique challenges. Mobile registration units had to operate in the field on battery power, and technical support was to be available in 11 provincial capitals.

  • 3500 Mobile Voter Registration Systems

    with an 8-hour battery life and fingerprint scanner capable of printing voter registration cards on-site

  • A National Database

    to aggregate all digital identity data from mobile voter registration systems

  • AFIS system

    capable of rapid deduplication and fraud detection


STAE has selected a local Mozambique firm that utilizes face recognition technologies to deploy a mobile electronic voter registration system. This system provided a number of benefits.

  • End-to-end Solution

    Innovatrics ExpressID AFIS solution includes both end-point technologies for biometric identification and analysis, as well as server components for data aggregation and storage.

  • Fraud Prevention

    Innovatrics ExpressID AFIS ensures that citizens who register for biometric identification have not yet been registered.

  • System Efficiency

    Innovatrics technology boasts some of the fastest biometric algorithms in the industry, ensuring that users are not kept waiting at identification terminals.

Safeguarding Transparency and Eligibility of the Election Process

Innovatrics’ trusted ExpressID AFIS, integrated with Face Technologies’ mobile biometric solution, has enabled STAE to effectively register 10+ million citizens and create an electronic voter register for future national elections. This system also makes sure that voters are unique, leveraging Innovatrics industry-leading algorithms to check for duplicates.

  • 3500 mobile voter registration systems

    with 8-hour battery life and fingerprint scanner capable of printing voter registration cards on-site

  • National Biometric Database

    with deduplication and fraud analysis

  • Voter List Printing

    to ensure a transparent and fair election process

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