Biometric Civil Registration System Paves Way for Smooth Delivery of Gov’t Aid

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In the early 2000s, the Mongolian government began to formalize a strategy for a nationwide identity program. It formed the General Authority for State Registration (GASR) to drive the strategy.


As the population increased, Mongolia recognized the need for a technological system to better organize and track its citizens in order to more efficiently and effectively provide governmental services. It required a remote, wirelessly-enabled enrollment and authentication system that includes out-of-the-way citizens.

Our Solution

The flexibility of  Innovatrics’ software and our partner’s technology was able to build a solution that met the needs of the Mongolian government, employing a variety of different but interconnected systems employing traditional- and web-based media. Enrollment stations were installed, consisting of notebooks, fingerprint scanners, cameras, and printers. Each enrollment station employed a localized database against which to perform duplication checks and matching of demographic data.


The resulting Civil Registration System works efficiently and effectively to register citizens into a national government managed registration database. The overall system has created an easy and efficient way for citizens to receive governmental aid and program resources using a biometric authentication system capable of handling both urban and rural populations.

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