Modernizing Panama’s Immigration and Border Control System

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Modernizing Panama’s Immigration and Border Control System

Upgrading the Existing Immigration Control System

Panama’s existing immigration control system did not use biometric technology, which was based upon visual inspection of a passport photo. Since it was a manual process, it was both prone to human errors and could be easily compromised. For them to resolve the economic impact of illegal immigration, that they would need to upgrade their immigration control system.

Border security and Immigration control are complex operations. Both entail document verification, analysis and a direct question-and-answer procedure. Furthermore, the processes involved have to be rigorous and quick in order to prevent frustration and delays for people in transit.

  • Interoperability

    Compatible with international biometric identification standards, including ICAO and NIST

  • Satisfaction

    Ensure high user satisfaction by consistently and efficiently processing biometric documentation quickly

  • Speed

    Accurate and fast for identity verification and enrollment of individuals

Industry-Leading AFIS to Improve Existing System

The solution, developed and implemented by Innovatrics and its partner OTI, has provided a number of improvements to Panama’s existing immigration and border control system.

Primarily, the solution integrates Innovatrics ExpressID AFIS, allowing for better control at border points and making the system more efficient. The platform enables short implementation time frames, seamless integration with Panama’s existing border control system, and provides external interfaces to a digital Certificate Authority for signature verification. Finally, Innovatrics and its partner OTI have trained Panama’s Immigration authorities on how to utilize the system, thus, enabling them to deploy personnel with the requisite knowledge to operate and troubleshoot on-site.

  • Speed

    Industry-leading and proven technologies to enable the rapid and accurate verification of biometric documents

  • Compliance

    Panama complied with ICAO- requirements and NIST standards

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Reduction on the waiting time associated with population identification, which utilizes a modular architecture employing biometric methods

Modern Border Control System that Adheres to International Standards

Panama’s immigration and border control is a modern system that adheres to international standards. It is based upon  biometric identification and compatible with biometric documentation being utilized in a number of countries.

The new system enables Panama to securely and more efficiently manage the travel activities of its citizens, as well as foreign nationals entering the country. Moreover, there are other benefits such as the reduction of paperwork, operating costs, and even the staff required to control immigration. Not only has Innovatrics/OTI solution made Panama’s borders more secure, but it has also streamlined and sped up the immigration process, greatly improving end-user satisfaction for all visitors.

  • Improved Security

    with Innovatrics AFIS solution

  • Quick Border Control Process

    by reducing paperwork, operating costs and immigration officers

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