Deploying Biometric Authentication for an Efficient Civil Registration System

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mongolia civil registration system
mongolia civil identification

Creating a National Biometric Identity System

In the early 2000s, the Mongolian government began to formalize a strategy for a nationwide identity program. To keep track of its citizenry and to administer governmental programs efficiently, the government formed the General Authority for State Registration (GASR) to spearhead the project.

  • Accuracy

    Precise and fast for citizen identification and authentication

  • Portability

    Needs to be portable enough to serve even rural citizens

  • Integration

    Can be easily integrated into multiple components, including traditional media like CDs and DVDs, and also web-based applications

  • Satisfaction

    Ensure citizen satisfaction by reducing wait times and processing time for program administration

Deploying a Fast and Portable Solution

Understanding the location of the population is critical to effectively administrating governmental programs. Many countries like Mongolia have a significant rural population that need a remote, wirelessly-enabled enrollment and authentication system. The solution needs to be accurate, fast and portable.

In order to meet the requirements of the Mongolian government, our partner Interactive, LLC, built an enrollment application that was installed on approximately 500 enrollment stations. These enrollment stations consisted of notebooks, fingerprint scanners, cameras, and printers. Each enrollment station employed a localized database from which deduplication checks and matching of demographic data are performed.

  • Innovatrics ExpressID AFIS

    Server component of the Civil Registration solution

  • Innovatrics IDKit PC SDK

    Over 500 mobile enrollment stations to
    deal with a large rural population

  • Innovatrics Segmentation SDK

    To successfully segment scanned fingerprint images

Efficient Biometric Identity Management

The resulting Civil Registration System works efficiently and effectively to register citizens to a national government-managed registration database. The overall system has created an easy and efficient way for citizens to receive governmental aid and program resources using a biometric authentication system capable of handling both urban and rural populations.

    “With Innovatrics, we implemented the best hardware and software solution for the Mongolian Automated Fingerprint Identification System. There are more reasons to select Innovatrics such as: Having hot-pluggable infrastructure, Fast and Easy to implement and develop software, and their SDK works multi-platform (Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, Embedded).”
    Mr. Uuganbayar Badamsuren
    Interactive LLC
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