Carefree, Remote, Digital Telco Operator: Registering a New SIM Card in under 4 Minutes

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Since the spread of COVID-19, stringent measures have been adopted by virtually every government all over the world, including Slovakia, to safeguard public health and safety. People have been advised, and in some cases, ordered to stay home, avoid crowded areas, and only venture out for essential travel. It is common practice to make a personal appearance to acquire a new SIM card and submit all the necessary documents. However, with mounting restrictions and the possibility of lockdown hovering around, it became clear that O2 Slovakia had to come up with an innovative strategy to welcome new subscribers and how to fulfill telco operator KYC compliance.     


Like financial services, telecom operators have to observe their own Know Your Customer (KYC) process. It has to be secure, but also convenient enough for the subscriber to complete. If complications arose, it could discourage new clients and seek out other options, increasing the abandonment rate. As such, it was imperative for O2 to develop a clear and smooth pathway for new subscribers to easily access its services even without visiting a brick-and-mortar branch. 


Stepping up to the challenge of providing a safe and reliable solution especially during this pandemic, O2 introduced Radosť to the Slovak market and implemented Innovatrics’ AI-based solution, Digital Onboarding Toolkit.

The new onboarding solution is simple and secure. The app not only compares the selfie to the ID photo, but also assesses the liveness of the user and extracts all the data from the ID. The user doesn’t even have to type a single letter, the only thing to do is confirm if the data is correct. Moreover, the algorithms estimate the age and gender of the face based on the selfie to spot possible discrepancies, warning of possible ID fraud. 

Every single step transpires in the background, without user interaction. The users only have to take photos of their IDs and a selfie, and they’re practically onboarded. The entire process takes no more than four minutes. The only waiting time is for the physical SIM to arrive. The payment is done via credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay, with a simple penny payment used as a validity test. At the end of the onboarding process, everything is sorted out, including a working payment method.


The whole Radosť experience was built from scratch in less than 4 months. Having Softec as an integrator, coupled with our extensive experience on deploying digital onboarding, the app was created and tested very quickly. Since the whole backend process was deployed in the AWS cloud, the company has managed to save time and costs from purchasing and maintaining new hardware.

The innovative approach of Radosť signals a shift in the telecoms industry, reflecting the need for other operators to quickly adapt and deliver services the public demands due to unprecedented circumstances. It is marketed by O2 as a digital operator available exclusively by using a mobile app. It offers a straightforward service to would-be subscribers by obtaining a mobile subscription through an app while complying with all regulatory requirements. 

Peter Gažík, CEO of O2 Slovakia, shares his take on the swift adoption of digital onboarding to better serve the current needs of every customer: “Radosť has been built on the precipice of COVID accelerating the trends of digitization and fully online services. We are absolutely delighted to be able to deliver a carefree contactless digital proposition with face recognition onboarding for all customers in less than 4 months.”

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