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OEM Embedded Solutions

Provide easy-to-use SDKs for high-speed 1:1 and 1:N fingerprint matching, utilizing either Innovatrics proprietary or standard ANSI/ISO templates. Innovatrics is a top-ranked provider of fingerprint recognition solutions, suitable for almost any type of customer or use case.

Over the past decade, we have supported our customers by providing a small-footprint SDK with high performance and great portability to virtually any platform.  

Key benefits

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Performance results

Whether carrying out ANSI/ISO 1:1 verification, or identification against a database of 10,000
users utilizing Innovatrics proprietary templates, our algorithm carries out extraction and
matching in a split-second.

This, combined with industry-leading accuracy, means Innovatrics embedded solutions
provide the best user experience for fingerprint authentication available on the market.

Template extraction: 65 ms
Identification: 105 ms
Template extraction: 565 ms
Verification: 46 ms

What makes our OEM solutions different?

Continuous innovation has helped us to create solutions with unrivaled accuracy and speed, while also securing industry standards and certifications.

The industry-leading accuracy rate of our algorithm (99.98%) results in dramatically lower error rates and greatly increased security and convenience. It also results in better performance in latent prints / poor quality image matching, enterprise 1:N identification (with only 1-2 fingers), and enhanced performance on platforms with limited features for mobile & embedded devices.

Innovatrics technology consistently ranks among the best in the world in biometric benchmark evaluations and certifications including NIST MINEX III, FpVTE, NIST PFT II and many more.

Our simple and flexible licensing policies are designed to fit any use case and allow users to freely scale up or cut back to suit their needs. Furthermore, we are open to discussing custom licensing options for large-scale deployments.

Licensing options

  • Online licensing portal – suitable for a small number of licenses.
  • Licensing portal API – automated generation of licenses by accessing the online licensing portal via REST API.
  • Unique identifiers – licensing based on specific device identifier such as MAC address, device serial number, processor, etc.
  • Manual license generation – Innovatrics generates a batch of licenses based on a list or a range of unique identifiers provided by the customer
  • Other licensing options – may be available for large-scale deployments.

We don’t bind our customers to any kind of hardware or software. Innovatrics SDKs work with virtually all fingerprint scanners and sensors, regardless of size, model or manufacturer, meaning customers don’t need to worry about compatibility issues.

Innovatrics technology supports images generated by various kinds of image acquisition techniques including, among others optical, capacitive, ultrasonic, thermal, or hybrid. As a result, our customers benefit from easy integration, quick deployment, and no vendor lock-in.

  • High-accuracy matching, even on very small-area fingerprint scanners
  • Tested and used with scanners of various types and sizes
  • Any standard image format or raw image supported

In addition to the PC version of our SDKs (Windows, Linux), we are also experienced in porting our SDKs to wide range of hardware platforms, from low end embedded devices with just few kB of memory (such as STM3F4 with ARM Cortex M4) to high performance environments used in mobile devices and tablets with iOS or Android operating system. 

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