Latin American Region Profits from Hands-on Biometrics Masterclass


Because top customer support is embedded in our DNA, Innovatrics has recently conducted a dynamic three-day masterclass centered on Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Consisting of portfolio presentation, SDK’s and ABIS integration theory, and practical workshops, the participants experienced first-hand Innovatrics technology and how to fully utilize it according to their own needs.


Working closely with our partners on a regular basis, we realized that it would be beneficial for the members of their respective teams to update their ABIS know-how and skill set. This would give new hires or staff who might have missed crucial trainings an opportunity to directly learn and be trained by our in-house experts. Whatever the case may be, we took initiative to organize ABIS Integration Masterclass to keep them all up to speed, give them the necessary local support, and update them with our latest innovations. Interested system integrators were similarly invited to be more knowledgeable about ABIS and personally experience its capabilities.

With an actual ABIS server used in the workshops, the attendees were treated to an unforgettable hands-on experience. From installation tips to troubleshooting, the Innovatrics team made sure they covered every technical detail and clarified concerns regarding its implementation. Through ABIS Integration Masterclass, Innovatrics not only strengthens its relationship with its partners so they can implement and manage the most efficient systems but also stays aware of real-world problems that influence how we develop solutions that guarantee security and trust.

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