How Innovatrics Is Shaping Up the World One Verified Biometric Identity at a Time


Regardless if you’re in Europe or Latin America, the Middle East or Africa, Innovatrics knows no borders in consistently delivering tailor-made biometric solutions combined with proactive customer care that safeguard national interests, secure various organizations, and innovate processes that have bettered the lives of over a billion people.

Below are some of the many deployed biometric solutions the Innovatrics team have integrated and developed over the years.

Automating and Enhancing Passenger Verification at Italy’s Major Airports

After the deployment of Innovatrics technology in automated self-service border control gates at three major Italian airports, passengers safely and conveniently breeze through the terminals. Comfort, and more importantly, security have been enhanced as the self-service gates found in Rome’s Ciampino and Fiumicino airports and Naples International Airport feature the latest biometric technology to verify each passenger through fingerprints matching.

Developing a State-of-the-Art Identity Management System for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of UAE

The issuance of a unique identification number and smart card containing biographical and biometric details of every citizen and legal resident of the UAE led to the development and creation of a sophisticated state-of-the-art identity management system. This comprehensive population registry propelled government service delivery with the availability of demographic data crucial to strategic planning concerning resource allocation in a multitude of key areas and sectors.

Eliminating Identity Fraud by Verifying Peru’s Passport Holders Against a Database of More than 100 Million Fingerprints

Using Innovatrics multimodal AFIS, we have ensured the uniqueness of every ePassport issued to the more than 30 million citizens of Peru. Securing these electronic documents is tantamount to speeding up border crossings. The biometric data of each passport holder is verified against the entire database of more than 100 million fingerprints utilizing our proprietary technology, eliminating identity fraud linked to passport issuance.

Increasing Government Revenue Utilizing Fingerprint-based Taxpayer ID System in Nigeria

The issuance of a Unique Taxpayer Identification Number (U-TIN) to individual and corporate taxpayers in Nigeria have resulted to the growth of the state revenue. Innovatrics’ market-leading multimodal AFIS was implemented for this fingerprint-based taxpayer identification system that has enrolled over 5 million entities to date.

Learn more of our tailor-made multimodal biometric solutions.

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