SMARTFACE Face Recognition Platform for Public Security

Video Analytics for Preemptive Security

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SmartFace for Public Security helps you prevent security incidents from happening by leveraging state-of-the-art computer vision technology.

Unlock the hidden potential of your existing surveillance system so it can detect and recognize human identities and a variety of objects. Issue instant alerts and notifications, record incidents, and make them searchable and actionable.

Enhance Video Processing with Government-Grade Face Recognition

With a proven track record of delivering biometric projects globally for various government and enterprise customers, Innovatrics face recognition ecosystem supports any use cases and deployments options. 

face detection for public security

Accurate Face Recognition

SmartFace detects and identifies faces across multiple camera streams with top accuracy in real time and provides user interface to timely intervene or prevent security incidents at airports, shopping centers, public transportation, or any other public areas.

Face Detection

SmartFace supports the most challenging situations within a public security area. Utilizing proprietary top-performing face recognition algorithms in the NIST Wild Image category, SmartFace for Public Security accurately detects faces including those covered with facemasks, in low indoor light, or from cameras streaming in the infrared mode for night vision. 

Appearance Detection and Tracking

With SmartFace for Public Security, you can keep your premises secure by monitoring intruders or trespassers. Human body/pedestrian appearance detection and tracking adds another layer of security for your organization and helps you quickly identify suspicious people, avoid tailgating or soliciting, and react accordingly.

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Watchlists and Notifications

Our easy-to-use watchlist management helps prevent security incidents by swiftly blocklisting unwanted persons and sending alerts about their presence. Instant notifications for a detected and matched person or body minimize the time to action.

Innovatrics SmartFace video analytics

Multiple Watchlists and Autolearn

Unlimited number of watchlists supports your custom security strategies and helps to monitor different groups of individuals according to their characteristics. Add multiple images under one enrolled individual, or let SmartFace automatically learn different appearances of the individual over time.  

SmartFace can manage multiple watchlists containing hundreds of thousands of faces recorded on a single server. Our solution is limited only by the processing power of the server and can be scaled by adding more RAM and CPU or GPU to achieve optimal performance.

Smart Notifications 

Monitoring a number of screens is exhausting, inefficient, and time-consuming. Our SmartFace notification mechanism allows for precise configuration of the events and situations that will trigger a notification or an alert that are worth an operator’s attention. Smart notifications also provide information about the individual wearing a facemask, as well as the liveness status for unsupervised areas and premises.

Review and Investigate with Video Analytics

Solving a security incident or searching for a suspect entails browsing over a large quantity of video files and images. Boosting video investigation capabilities, SmartFace is capable of processing multiple video files, including those offline, in parallel.

SmartFace History view with robust filtering and search functionality provides powerful insights into entity relations that would otherwise stay hidden. 

video analytics for public security - face search

Offline video processing

Detect and identify crime scene by-walkers quickly and accurately in any video format with faster-than-real-time video processing. SmartFace can detect individuals from video files multiple times faster than the actual length of an uploaded video.


Trim down large amounts of metadata and quickly filter only relevant records by combining various filtering criteria such as a subject’s name, age, gender, appearance, and camera location within a predefined time range. 

Face Search

Our facial biometric algorithm can perform a highly accurate search among all detected faces even if the reference image is of poor quality. It can subsequently track the movement of the subject across monitored areas. 

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Hardware & Software Agnostic Public Security Platform

SmartFace for Public Security can run anywhere on Windows Server solutions, Linux, and Jetson devices. It supports all IP and USB cameras or video files as input and enables deployment on embedded and OEM devices. As such, you can either centralize stream processing or process each camera at/near its location and only transfer notifications, which dramatically lowers network requirements.

Our solution does not require a GPU, but can also utilize it to increase performance and run on as many devices as possible.

utilize sensor and camera independence


No matter the size or complexity of the security system, SmartFace is easily configurable to suit your needs. SmartFace also scales efficiently to meet increasing workloads or the number of cameras or devices in the security & surveillance systems. SmartFace performs exceptionally well even in crowded areas, such as metro stations, airports, or shopping malls.

API Integration 

SmartFace can be used out of the box or can be integrated into your existing architecture and systems using an API. It comes with detailed product technical documentation and well-documented API to ease integration. Besides these, we provide integration training and also integration support for our partners.

SmartFace is integrated with Nx Witness and Milestone XProtect VMS.

Smartface Cloud Matcher Easy to use API

Use Cases

Tech Box

On-premise deployment with data stored on your own servers

Messaging and notifications: ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, GRPC


Can be deployed using Docker files

NodeJS web server

KeyCloak user management