Nx Witness Users Can Now Enjoy SmartFace Capabilities From Within Their VMS


Innovatrics has recently completed the first stage of SmartFace integration with NetworkOptix Witness. With integration in place, the video management system (VMS) is able to recognize faces in video streams in real-time.

“The users of NetworkOptix Witness system can now enjoy the capabilities of our facial recognition platform from within the environment they are used to. Furthermore, their system can identify people that are on watchlists, allowing authorized users to manage them easily,” explains Michal Vilagi, Head of the Integration Team at Innovatrics.

Firstly, the users need to have valid licenses for both SmartFace and Nx Witness. Afterwards, they can download and run a simple client integration to prepare the system for operation. The events sent by SmartFace can then be processed by Nx Witness and customized according to the specific needs of the users.

The integration can be obtained by simply logging into NetworkOptix partner page and searching for Innovatrics SmartFace in the “Works with Nx” section. Innovatrics plans to continuously make the integration even more comprehensive.

Learn more in a webinar

Our product manager, Marian Beno, joins Network Optix Marketing Director, Tony Luce, in a webinar that explores the use cases of SmartFace and how it works with Nx. Watch the webinar below and learn how our solution can address your seamless access control, security & surveillance, video investigation requirements, and more:

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