Digital Onboarding Game Changer: On-Device Passive Facial Liveness Detection


The added biometric layer rivals the speed and accuracy of its server-based counterpart, improving security and user experience during the digital onboarding process.

Innovatrics has developed the world’s first single frame passive facial liveness detection algorithm, capable of accurately verifying liveness of an individual performed entirely on-device using a standard selfie camera. Built upon machine learning algorithms, our technology is able to run complex operations to determine if the face presented to the system is indeed real and “alive” even on low-end devices.

“Implementing passive liveness detection and authentication completely on-device while maintaining the same accuracy and speed as our server-based solution is a game changer in digital onboarding. Not only does this improve the user experience and increase conversions, but it also extends the reach of enterprises who want to expand in emerging markets with slower mobile connectivity,” explains Peter Martis, Innovatrics Chief Sales Officer.

While face recognition algorithms can verify a match, they cannot differentiate a “live” face from a “nonlive” face. By making passive facial liveness detection possible on a user’s own device, our lightweight proprietary technology can efficiently operate on devices with as little as 1GB of RAM. It adds an essential security layer especially useful when remotely opening an account or verifying existing users without human interaction.

Boasting almost 100% accuracy in identifying presentation attacks, our solution is highly effective in preventing fraud. With only a single captured frame, our system can quickly and accurately establish liveness based on artificial intelligence and deep neural networks. Users would only have to properly position their face to pass the liveness test, speeding up the onboarding process. Moreover, integrators can opt to have their own face capture component and still evaluate passive liveness with ease. User data is also kept private and secure as it is not transferred to any server when verifying identity.

On-device passive facial liveness detection is part of Innovatrics Digital Onboarding Toolkit, designed to automate customer onboarding, increase customer satisfaction, and support KYC processes.

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