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1:N Identification

The IDKit PC SDK is a powerful and lightening-fast suite of code libraries designed to provide fingerprint recognition functionality in your Windows or Linux software. The local SQLite3 database makes IDKit PC SDK significantly easier to use than competing SDKs. 

IDKit PC SDK has made the process of identifying and verifying users as simple as possible, through main IDKit PC SDK functionality :

  • Extraction;
  • Verification;
  • Identification up to 200 000 fingerprints per second 

Capable of interfacing with any USB-based fingerprint scanners (that can provide a bitmap image), and available on Windows and Linux, IDKit PC is the ideal solution for developers looking for an “out of the box” biometric solution.


Features and Benefits

IDKit PC offers speedy implementation, nearly instant field deployment, easy end-client adoption with a low TCO and high ROI. The ultra-fast fingerprint analysis engine includes a number of powerful features and benefits such as:

  • Ease of use - IDKit's easy programming interface let's you focus on your application – not on biometrics. We thought of everything when it comes to biometric identification and packed it into our SDK together with local SQLite3 database.
  • Blazing performance - IDKit PC is the fastest fingerprint SDK on any platform.
  • Stunning accuracy - IDKit PC utilizes a combined minutiae + pattern matching technique to ensure the best accuracy
  • Ease of deployment - IDKit PC is an entirely software solution. No USB dongles
  • Fingerprint quality - IDKit PC calculates the quality of incoming fingerprint before accepting it, increasing software reliability
  • Scanner Independence - works with all fingerprint scanners that can provide a bitmap image
  • Security - employ your biometric identification solution with confidence, knowing that the personal data you gather is secured with a 256bit AES cipher

» For more information on IDKit SDK, please consult How it works section.

IDKit Platforms

Below is an overview of the supported IDKit SDK platforms and common usage:

PC Mobile Embedded
IDKit PC is designed to run on any common laptop, desktop or tablet computer and employs a 1:1 and 1:N identification of up to 50.000 persons stored in a local database.
For more information about IDKit PC SDK, click here
IDKit Mobile is designed to run on Windows, iOS or Android-based Smartphones or Tablet devices and employs a 1:1 and 1:N identification of up to 300.000 persons stored in a local database. IDKit Embedded is designed to run on hardware terminals powered by ARM9, DSP or MIPS processors and running Embedded Linux, iOS or Android OS. It employs a 1:1 and 1:N identification of up to 100.000 persons stored in a local database.
For more information about IDKit Emedded SDK, please contact us.

SDK Package Contents

IDKit PC SDK, provided with your developer license, includes:

  • IDKit DLL libraries
  • Integrated flat-file database (SQLite3)
  • .NET connector for C# or VB programming
  • Java connector
  • Documentation in PDF to enable printing and CHM for easy browsing
  • 3 samples and 1 GUI sample with source code
  • Innovatrics License Manager
  • Innovatrics IScanners add - on