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Stay Ahead of the Competition: Become an Innovatrics Partner & Join the Future of Facial Recognition Technology


The Innovatrics Partner Program gives you a competitive edge.

As the global facial recognition market is poised to reach $14.95 billion by 2026, it is imperative to choose a technology partner that can take you one step ahead. Innovatrics Partner Program can be your ticket to growth and profitability.

For system integrators and independent software vendors in search of an open and flexible facial recognition platform, being an Innovatrics partner gives you a competitive edge. Our advanced technologies and market experience, together with your expertise, can provide the most sought-after facial recognition solutions needed in the market.

Our industry-leading technologies can be integrated into your existing ecosystem to enhance your security offerings regardless of the IP camera brand, smartphone, or other client device.

Security & Surveillance

Although processing multiple IP camera streams and performing real-time identification or demographic analysis can sometimes prove challenging, SmartFace equips users with a powerful REST API – highly efficient in solving common use cases involving face recognition and retail analytics. What’s more, it also provides solutions regarding the lack of specialist biometric expertise, long integration times, and problems working with video files and multiple IP camera streams.

Mobile Biometrics

On the other hand, Digital Onboarding Toolkit consists of mobile and server components that let organizations integrate identity documents optical character recognition (OCR) and facial biometrics into their applications. And since DOT is a ready-to-use toolkit, your developers could easily customize how to implement your specific protocols. Both SmartFace and DOT are designed to give customers a hassle-free experience.

Team Up with a Global Leader of Multimodal Biometric Technology

Innovatrics has consistently gained top marks in NIST Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) evaluations. Our facial recognition technology has been tried and tested. We take pride in our speed and accuracy, suitable for a number of use cases that include surveillance and security, retail, digital onboarding, and selfie login.

Don’t be left out as momentum for facial recognition technology is mounting. From practical marketing tools and demo products to technical training, we empower our partners to satiate the practical needs of our clients. Innovatrics Partner Program got you covered.

Contact us to learn more of the opportunities and benefits of becoming an Innovatrics Partner Program member.

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