SmartFace Integration with Milestone XProtect Poised to Deliver Global Innovative Video-Enabled Solutions


Leading VMS provider, Milestone, has recently verified the integration of SmartFace Facial Recognition System with the XProtect® video management software, successfully meeting its functionality, performance, and compatibility standards. SmartFace, which can process multiple real-time video streams in parallel, is now available on Milestone Marketplace, expanding its reach to a global audience.

With the expertise of Innovatrics in facial biometrics, SmartFace utilizes the core video capabilities of XProtect, optimizing the full potential and opportunities of video management technology. It can be integrated via REST API and ZeroMQ notifications, capable of handling complex facial recognition tasks such as facial detection thresholds, template extraction, matching, tracking and age and gender detection. In effect, developers can focus on front-end implementation rather than waste time and resources on learning the ins and outs of facial biometrics. With its open platform, accuracy, and scalability, SmartFace can be used in a wide range of applications involving facial recognition and biometrics.

With Milestone Marketplace, Innovatrics SmartFace facial recognition solution can readily be accessed and implemented by system integrators and technological partners in need of video management systems that optimize business processes and improve how people conduct their everyday activities.

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