Innovatrics Sees a Bright Future in Latin America


As the biometrics landscape expands and evolves in Latin America, Innovatrics continues to enjoy impressive market penetration in the region, driven by our unparalleled customer-oriented approach, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality solutions.

“The Latin American market may be incredibly vast and culturally diverse, but each country or state shares a common desire for local support, fast response times from the vendor, and a reliable identity management system,” opines our Regional Manager for Brazil and LatAm, Carlos Okada, “In some cases, we form local partnerships for a complete solution involving hardware supply and document issuance. We also recruit local technical business consultants and sell to local integrators.”

With 30 million enrolled in the region, more opportunities are opening up in the public sector, not to mention a rising demand in the banking industry for our multimodal biometric systems. While our main focus is on ABIS for driving licenses and digital certificate issuance, face identification and recognition are not far behind. In Brazil alone, five states have implemented Innovatrics ABIS for driving licenses. Private entities have similarly adopted our multimodal platforms. Innovatrics has also established significant presence in Chile, Mexico, Peru, and Panama among others in various verticals.

Oscar Flores, LatAm and Iberia Business Development Director, is optimistic about Innovatrics’ position in this emerging market: “We are expecting a very bright future in the next 5 years with interesting business prospects in the pipeline. Innovatrics will enjoy continued growth in terms of revenue and market share in the region, owing to the innovations currently being undertaken and the hard work dedicated by the entire business development team.”

Following the success of the ABIS Masterclass in Brazil, more trainings and seminars are scheduled to keep our clients abreast with our latest technologies. It’s our commitment to bring a local flair to our solutions by providing documentation, product dialogues, and texts in the local language. The expectations seem to be downright daunting, but we are always on the lookout for trustworthy solutions that address market needs in Latin America and beyond.

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