Innovatrics Makes Remote Installations Possible Even in High-Security or Offline Environments


The coronavirus outbreak can also serve as a catalyst for innovation. The global travel bans have pushed Innovatrics to make improvements in the way we deliver complicated software installations and technical support.

Long before the imposition of travel restrictions, Innovatrics has been working on designing the “Innovatrics virtual engineer”. With the combined efforts of the delivery team, it has been completed in a span of just two weeks. Innovatrics Head of Delivery and Solutions, Matus Kapusta explains:

“We wanted a solution for our high-security clients that are installing our solutions in an offline or restricted access environment. Our idea was a box that can be sent through a courier, which instantly works after plugging it in. After a few iterations and tests, we’ve accomplished just that,”

Using a combination of mobile connectivity, secure VPN, and a certified KVM switch for transferring keystrokes, mouse movements, and HDMI video, Innovatrics can securely connect to any offline computer in the world and deploy Innovatrics biometrics software even in these high-security circumstances. The setup works even in lower-bandwidth 3G mobile networks. No data flows through 3rd party servers or services – the whole communication stays on Innovatrics VPN. No extra software or drivers need to be installed on the host computer. It also doesn’t require extra USB devices to be connected.

The setup allows us to see the remote screen in high resolution and transfer keyboard and mouse commands. Geared towards maximum security, it can limit transfer to just the keystrokes, mouse movements, and clicks, prohibiting other data from being transferred. The client has full control over the connected devices. In suspicious circumstances, the keyboard can still be disconnected, sending only the screen contents over a secure VPN. The latency is approximately one second even for long-distance connections.

The setup is vastly more effective than a support call or chat, as the information on the screen can be seen immediately by our engineers, who can react correspondingly. It can also be used to properly train a client’s engineers when working with Innovatrics solutions. With the restriction of face-to-face interaction, the Innovatrics Virtual Engineer is the next best thing that works efficiently without compromising client security.

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