Going the Extra Mile to Put Customer Needs First


Apart from delivering top-notch technology and solutions all over the world, Innovatrics goes the extra mile to make sure we meet and even exceed customer expectations.

Regardless if it’s healthcare, law enforcement, border control, VIP lanes at airports, or crime prevention involving our ABIS, our Innovatrics teams are always available to assist you from inception until years after the realization of the project. On top of this, we can deliver real-time and 24/7 onsite support to ensure that everything works flawlessly.

Developing unique feature sets specific to your needs

After listening to your demands, our development team creates a one of a kind feature set that addresses all your needs from face adjudicator, professional workflows, latent editor, biometric filtering, and audit. We follow that up with troubleshooting and testing to guarantee that the design is up to scratch together with your participation. We value the feedback you give us, which is essential in assuring that the final product is exclusively built according to your own specifications.

Close cooperation from delivery to support

During the installation phase, our team of experts personally visit your premises, review the code, train your crew, and integrate our tailor-made solution into your system. We provide extensive support in this critical stage of integration. That means hands-on, responsive all day and night availability, either in person or through dedicated chat lines, to whatever issues – big or small- that you might encounter. Because of our transparent approach, we share all our know-how to our clients so that they can be more efficient and independent – something not offered by most solution providers.

Going Beyond the Usual to Meet Your Needs

The support that we provide extends beyond the usual. We make sure that our speed, flexibility, and accuracy translate to better solutions vital to your success. It’s hardly surprising, then, that our clients have stayed with us over the years, continuously enjoying our winning combination of cutting-edge technology and customer-centered approach. At Innovatrics, we simply take care of our customers.

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