Daltrey Partners with Innovatrics to Create the World’s First Biometrics-as-a-Service Solution


Australian identity access management start-up, Daltrey, has partnered with Innovatrics to create a world-first biometrics-as-a-service solution that provides passive liveness detection enabling frictionless authentication across all access scenarios.

As data breaches and identity fraud continue at frightening levels and with criminal use of deepfakes on the rise, Daltrey’s unified biometric credential now includes AI-based anti-spoofing countermeasures protect organisations against presentation attacks like photo or video spoofing, deepfakes, models or 3D masks.

“Innovatrics are leaders in biometrics, with an award-winning algorithm that provides first-class speed and accuracy,” says Daltrey co-founder and managing director, Blair Crawford. “This high level of accuracy ensures performance even during COVID-19, with health professionals continuing to experience seamless authentication when wearing face masks.”

“Daltrey will be the first solution to embed Innovatrics’ new passive liveness technology into any digital access scenario”, explains Daniel Ferak, head of product management at Innovatrics. “Passive liveness check is the ideal solution for non-intrusive, reliable and seamless user experience when verifying identity.”

Use cases of the biometric identity access offering include:

  • A robust identity establishment process that creates a verified biometric credential.
  • Customisable biometric components including face, iris and fingerprints that allow for adaptive authentication, customised to suit the risk level of all access scenarios.
  • Secure face recognition authentication combined with fast, frictionless user experience across all physical and digital applications. This includes walking through doors and safety gates, as well as logging into devices and applications including remote BYOD access.
  • Passive liveness detection in mobile devices for enhanced security and speed.
  • An intelligent middleware platform that integrates with existing access management providers, offering biometrics as a service.


“There’s a growing need for more secure, seamless and convenient authentication spanning both physical and digital access scenarios,” says Crawford. “This partnership allows for an innovative identity defined approach to organisational security, helping government and corporate enterprises create more secure, productive workplaces.”

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