AFIS – what makes a great solution?


As the biometrics market opens up to new, more agile organizations, we take a look at what factors are necessary to succeed in this competitive environment.

For decades, fingerprint biometrics was a closed domain for big players with black-box systems shrouded in a veil of technological mystery. These days, leveraging new technologies, new, smaller and, more agile companies have successfully penetrated the market and demonstrated success in the most demanding of projects.

Standards and best practices in using biometric identity management systems for government, commercial and law enforcement purposes are well established. Various methods and biometric modalities are available today, however, fingerprint recognition repeatedly confirms its universality and ease of adoption in various environments.

We believe that openness, accessibility, flexibility, quality of service and a readable business model are what customers and partners appreciate. Companies which display these characteristics have a better chance of surviving in this increasingly competitive industry.

Of course, all of the above is secondary to having a first-class solution. Besides accuracy, which is of paramount importance, processing speed is a key factor in any fingerprint identification system.

Matching speed is a key factor for large-scale projects with multiple millions of enrollees. A high-performance algorithm means fewer servers are required to support the solution while maintaining high throughput and very low latency. This results in greatly reduced response times, real-time identification and significant cost savings, especially when we consider very large systems with more than 100 million enrollees.

Some of the major speed-related benchmarks achieved by the Innovatrics algorithm include:


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