Trusted Voter Registration
Transparent Elections through Biometrics

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Trusted Voter Registration

To organize trustworthy democratic elections, having a credible, up-to-date, and secure voter registry is paramount. In countries that want to prevent ID fraud, rigged voting and disenfranchising citizens due to poor infrastructure or illiteracy, biometrics is an ideal solution. Since it can verify the identity of a person even without official documents, it can be ensured that each person gets exactly one vote come election time. Consequently, it cuts down costs and time required to collect the necessary information. Innovatrics is proud to provide solutions that people can trust.

Innovatrics has years of experience in providing trusted, scalable, and fully customizable solutions for creating biometric registries for elections and other citizen services. Leveraging top-performing fingerprint and face recognition algorithms, we can guarantee secure and fast identification and verification. The open nature of Innovatrics solutions means that our clients can migrate older databases, use existing registries to improve citizen experience, and make use of most existing hardware platforms. With our partnership, we have concluded a number of successful elections throughout the world under a wide variety of conditions.

4 Easy Steps to Trusted Voter Registration


01. Pre-Enrollment

In the first stage of the registration process, the hardware and software requirements are assessed. At this phase, the servers with biometric identification system are installed and enrollment kits are prepared to correctly and securely communicate with them. They are loaded with partial databases, which can be imported from already existing sources, to optimize enrollment time. Older biometric databases are also migrated during this step.


02. Registration

During enrollment, the actual biometric data of citizens are collected by trained officials. The enrollment kit systems are set up to be durable, secure, and immune to ID fraud.  The data is then securely encrypted to provide maximum security to the most sensitive data. Citizens are also given confirmation of successful enrollment.


03. Data Consolidation

The main security operation is done on the central servers. Once all the data is collected, the whole set is deduplicated again. This is to ensure that no person has enrolled in multiple districts, making it impossible to rig the elections by individuals voting in different places.
All of the operations are logged so that there is a paper trail in case of any suspicious behavior. Everything is done by trained personnel and under close scrutiny of the electoral committee.


04. Voter List Printing

The database is then split into districts and the voter lists are distributed throughout the country for citizen control. Once all the disputes are correctly settled, the voter IDs can be printed and distributed in time for elections.
The elections themselves then use voter ID in conjunction with biometric verification to make sure that every citizen gets exactly one vote. No one is denied their democratic rights, and no one can vote multiple times.

Did You Know?

Up to 48% of African countries think using biometrics in elections makes them more transparent.

Did You Know?

1 billion people in the world lack basic ID credentials – the majority of them live in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Did You Know?

44 % of women in low-income countries do not have an ID, compared to 28 % of men.

Did You Know?

161 countries have ID systems using digital technologies, increasing the need to keep the data safe and secure.

Did You Know?

35 % of countries which hold elections have introduced some form of biometric voter registration.

Did You Know?

20 seconds is the approximate time it takes to biometrically identify a voter and issue him/her a voting ballot.

Key Parts of the Solution

Our enrollment software is easy to customize for any hardware platform a client chooses.  It has been built to accommodate the different scenarios that may be used for elections. It is able to work with other databases, pre-filling the required data to minimize enrollment time. The software uses Innovatrics top-performing biometric algorithms for maximum speed and accuracy. The data storage is encrypted and protected against unauthorized acccess.

The enrollment stations transfer their data securely to Innovatrics ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) to provide adjudication, data consolidation, and deduplication services to clean the database of duplicates and the deceased. It can run on hardware subject to a client’s choice, because we want to prevent cases of vendor lock-in for our customers.

Our experienced team gathers analyses of all the relevant information from the client to propose a solution that fits his requirements. This makes sure that no important part of the setup is omitted. It also provides in-depth information and recommendations about Innovatrics products and answers any questions clients might have.

The consulting is especially useful when you need to migrate older databases into the new system. They have previous experience from many projects and are able to propose optimal processes as well as stake out minimum hardware requirements for the whole project.

The delivery team makes sure that the solution is up and running on time. We coordinate operators, provide best practices, and help with all aspects of the registration process. After thoroughly testing all the functionalities, the solution is ready to launch.

If required, our engineers can oversee the critical infrastructure on-site, solving any issues that might arise. We can also provide our own operators for the enrollment phase of the voter registration.

Our own staff provides any training required by operators and their supervisors to carry out successful voter registration. From the basics of biometrics to best practices for enrolling voters, we are ready to provide know-how necessary for timely, high-quality biometric registration.

Once the project is delivered and running, our team hands over the complete system, including all the necessary documentation and know-how to the client. We want to avoid situations where a client feels locked in by us as a vendor.

Our software can work on a number of hardware platforms and enrollment kits, which can easily be customized and ported to new ones. If necessary, we can also supply the hardware.

As an independent provider with trusted hardware partners all over the world, rigorous testing of their products have been conducted with our software to ensure reliable results in any conditions. Our team of specialists can install and set up hardware and provide minimum requirements for a given use case if the situation calls for it.

Benefits of Trusted Voter Registration

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