Safeguarding ‘One Person, One Vote’ Principle for 7 Million Guinea Citizens

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The Republic of Guinea, with a population of almost 12.5 million people, set its sights on modernizing its election process.  To ensure that international standards are observed, the country needed to update each segment of the parliamentary elections.


To prevent election fraud, a biometric registry is necessary to make sure that each registered person gets exactly one vote. The challenge is to collect data in the field from those who want to participate in the election process and do it on time.

Our Solution

Innovatrics provided the registry and the necessary hardware from a trusted supplier. Advanced software was also installed designed for field stations that were used to collect data, and overseers were trained to properly facilitate the process. The new system has been specifically designed to collect high-quality biometric samples without compromising user experience.

Old records were similarly migrated, wherein the newly deployed system checked both old and new data for duplicates and blatant errors such as enrolled minors, processing 7 million high quality unique voter records. This was done using face recognition and AI-driven age estimation. The new system has a registration throughput of 250 applicant registrations per minute.


Innovatrics delivered the biometric registry in record time. It also devised a secure process to collect data from the field stations even in the absence of reliable high-speed internet connection, ensuring the data acquired is complete. The elections successfully adhered to international standards according to independent observers.

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